Why Does David Cameron Hate Young People?

Originally posted on The Polifix:

Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Conservative Party ConferenceAs the conference season wound down yesterday, all focus was on David Cameron as he gave his keynote speech to the Conservative party and his message was clear: that Labour had caused a mess; that the Tories were still sorting it out; and that Britain under Labour was a “land of despair” unlike the “land of hope” image that is Cameron is keen to create for his own party.

Indeed, in a speech short of policy and relentlessly critical of Labour, Cameron’s main emphasis was more a philosophy of government than of governance itself – the idea that a Tory-led Britain is a “land of opportunity for all”. A place where with hard work everyone can make it.

What opportunity exactly means to the Tories, heavens know. With the cost of living rising, wages deflating and employment figures stagnant, the last three years have made Britain more a landscape of…

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